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Proud to Slash

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This is a community by and for writers and readers of slash-fiction. Slash means romantic and/or sexual relationships between two (or sometimes more! ;) ) people of the same sex, so if you are not comfortable with this idea, please leave now.

Posts on all slash-related subjects are welcome, including fiction, art, website plugs, recommendations of fic, art or websites, or just general chat!

The icons here have been created by eowyns_musings, from image manipulations by The Theban Band, with their kind permission.

The Rules:

Fic and art of all ratings are allowed here, right up to NC-17. This means that there will be adult material, so if you're underage by the laws of wherever it is you live, or if this sort of thing disturbs you, again, please leave.

Positive feedback on posts is encouraged. Flaming is NOT tolerated, and anyone posting what the community manager deems to be a flame will be warned and their post deleted. Any further offence will result in the person being summarily removed from the community. We only want niceness here!

In the interest of not getting any legal cases, RPS (real person slash) is not allowed in this community. Sorry. There are lots of communities out there that do allow RPS, but we'd rather stick with the fictional characters.

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